Our Philosophy

Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

Thousands of years ago the great qi gong masters observed the world around them. Through their deep meditation and spiritual practices, the a-ha moments came and the theories and framework for Traditional Chinese Medicine began to form.  Thus, the first acupuncture physicians were born.

Treating the Whole Person

The focus of acupuncture and all Chinese medicine is to treat the person, not a disease or an illness.  A substantial amount of time is spent with each patient to gather  information many other medical professionals never think of as important or relevant.   A personalized treatment plan is created for each patient after the initial evaluation and examination, and the plan is adjusted based upon feedback from the patient as treatment progresses.  The patient is always the most important person in the treatment room.


Yang  = nuture, nourish  

     Sheng =  life, vitality

The idea of yangsheng is the very root of Chinese medicine and at the heart of Tao & Zen.  While no one can guarantee results, we promise to work with you to reactivate your body's innate healing powers.  We consider it an honor to guide you back to the path to living your best life.